Урок 26. Key to the exercise


Interviewer: How old are you in the photograph, Melissa?
Melissa: Twelve or thirteen, I think.
Interviewer: Did you like school?
Melissa: Not really.
Interviewer: Why not?
Melissa: Because I didn't like any of the subjects. Well, that's not quite true, I liked English, but that was the only lesson I used to look forward to. I didn't like maths, didn't like science at all, and I hated PE. I used to argue with the PE teacher all the time. She used to make us do impossible things, things we couldn't do, like climbing ropes and jumping over the horse. I think she just wanted to humiliate us.
Interviewer: Were you a 'good girl' at school?
Melissa: It depends what you mean by 'good'. I didn't smoke, I didn't use to write graffiti on the walls or anything like that. But I was a bit of a rebel. I used to break rules all the time, and of course the teachers didn't like that.
Interviewer: What sort of rules did you break?
Melissa: Well, for example the school was very strict about the school uniform - we had to wear a blue skirt, and the skirt had to cover our knees. I used to make the skirt shorter. And then I sometimes used to wear blue socks and a black sweater, like in the photograph instead of a grey sweater, and grey socks. The teachers used to get really angry; I just thought it was silly.
Interviewer: What did you want to be when you were at school?
Melissa: I wanted to be a lawyer.
Interviewer: Why?
Melissa: Well, there were a lot of American TV programmes and films about lawyers at the time, and I used to think it would be fun to argue with people all day.
Interviewer: So why did you become a primary school teacher?
Melissa: Lots of reasons. But I think the main reason is that both my parents were teachers and they both used to tell me, when you grow up and get a job, don't be a teacher. So as I was a rebel, I did exactly the opposite.

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