Урок 27. Key to the exercise

Много раз прочтите предложения вслух.

  1. Let's put off our meeting till tomorrow. Today I have no time.
  2. The fire was so strong, a fire brigade of 20 people couldn't put it out.
  3. Wait a minute! I must put down this information.
  4. Every day after school she eats chips and drinks cola with friends! I'm not surprised she put on five kilograms in three months!
  5. Could I speak to Ulrika, please? - Yes, I'm putting you through.
  6. It's enough! I'm not going to put up with the boss's rudeness anymore! I quit!
  7. Welcome to the Morrisson Hotel, Mr Carlsson. Please put down your name and address here.
  8. Please put out your cigarette. You can't smoke in here.
  9. He rents the new flat very cheaply, but he has to put up with a lot of noise - it's next to a train station.
  10. In this restaurant you can't wear shorts. You must put on trousers.
  11. Good morning. Could you please put me through to the sales department?
  12. It was raining, so the organizers had to put off the tennis match till the next day.

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