Урок 28. Key to the exercise

  1. My friend Barry takes after his mother. They both hate sports and love eating.
  2. "It's raining terribly" Douglas said taking off his raincoat.
  3. At big airports planes take off every five minutes.
  4. Vic is only six, but his computer skills are amazing. He took after his father, who is a fantastic programmer.
  5. In Japanese restaurants you must take off your shoes.
  6. When I won 250,000 dollars, it took me a few minutes to take it all in.
  7. When Hans was a student, he took girls out for a meal every night.
  8. Rita's brother speaks fantastic English; last week he took up Italian - he wants to go to Italy on holiday.
  9. When the plane took off, I looked down. The picture was beautiful - green trees and a shiny river.
  10. Yesterday my husband took me out. We saw a film and had a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant.
  11. My father has a lot of free time now, so he decided to take up yoga.

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