Урок 1. Recording script

- Last February scientists at John Moore university in Liverpool opened a research unit to try to find the answer to two questions: Does telepathy really exist? Will we be able to use extra-sensory perception to communicate in the future? With us today is Julie Cohen, one of the guinea pigs who’s been taking part in the experiments. Hello, Julie.
- Hello.
- First of all, I’d like to ask you why you decided to take part.
- Well, I am a journalist. I work for one of the big national newspapers and they asked me to go and then to write about it.
- What did you think about telepathy before you went? Did you believe in it?
- No, not at all. I was extremely sceptical. I thought it was a load of rubbish, to be quite honest. I didn’t think the experiment would work at all.
- Tell us exactly what happened.
- Well, when I got there I was taken to a small room, room 308. Then I had to lie down on a bed that looked like an operating table and close my eyes, and some things which looked like half ping-pong balls were placed over them. Then a bright red light was switched on which was shining on my face.


Урок 1. Я плохо воспринимаю английский на слух!

scientists - ученые
research unit - исследовательская группа
exist - существовать
perception - восприятие
guinea pig - морская свинка (по-русски говорят "подопытный кролик")
take part - принимать участие
decide - решить
not at all - совсем нет (а не "не совсем"!)
extremely - чрезвычайно
load of rubbish - полная чушь (букв. "груз с мусором")
to be quite honest - честно говоря
exactly - точно

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